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Futures Worth Fight For : Edinburgh's Radical Book Fair Returns


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Radical imagination needs to be nurtured - through information, and connection and more. That's what our Radical Book Fair is all about, and we're so excited to bring the event back to the Roxy, November 11-14th!

What futures would YOU fight for?

Our opening night for the Radical Book Fair should hopefully set the tone for 4 days of events, workshops, stalls and discussion. Our panels are all about challenging accepted wisdom & the status quo, and making space to really imagine a world beyond capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy and environmental collapse.

The Fair is open to browse from 12 on Thursday, and events kick off that evening- have a wee peruse of our event flyer here, or pick up a copy from the shop!

5.30pm Futures Worth Fighting For: Jo Becker is exploring those futures with Eve Livingston Hassan Akkad, & Jen Deerinwater - let's talk unions, intersectionality, indigenous experience, disability and possibility. 7.30 Jen Deerinwater, Jessica Gaitan Johannesson and Andreas Malm take on organising for a world on fire - how do we build resistance, resilience and radical movements that are up to the challenge of the climate crisis?

As Lola Olufemi advises ‘Every broken window is a new opportunity. Every burnt ember is construction material.’ It's time to dream big, so we can build better. Hope to see you at the Fair, and in the meantime, some books to feed that imagination...

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