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After a few years' hiatus, Edinburgh's free, bookshop-run, independent literary festival is back!

This time we'll be in the bookshop garden, Aug 5th - 12th, and we're inviting you to join us for a feast of lunchtime conversations focusing on nature writing, climate justice, place & belonging, language, legacies, all rooted in anti-racist, feminist and environemntalist politics.

Our program of 16 events, stretched over 8 days, featuring 30 speakers, is now up on the website and you can find all the events listed HERE. Although the whole thing is free, you can book your slot through each event page, either as an event-only ticket, or ordering one of the featured books while you're at it!

The team has been working hard to create a program that really reflects the most burning questions around how we care for each other in the present moment, with the hope that, in it, you will find spaces to meet, to learn, to hope and build community in the Edinburgh summer days.

The events take place at 12 noon and 1.30 pm each day, kicking off with reflections on language, place and identity featuring Scots poet Len Pennie and author Nancy Campbell. Later in the week, we look forward to a playful, fearless discussion on motherhood with poet Erica Gillingham and comedian Josie Long, stories of queer experience around the world with Paula Akpan and Jo Clifford and grassroots organisers coming together to talk about how we build solidarity networks, to mention only a few of the week's offerings.

All events are held in the shop or shop garden

All events are free

All events are both in-person and streamed online

So, whenever you have a moment, we invite you to grab a cool drink and browse through our Book Fringe program, hoping you'll join us at some point Aug 5th to 12th. Below, you'll find all the books featured in the program.

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