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Worst/Best Case Scenarios: Feminist Speculations


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In case you've missed it, we're extremely delighted to be launching a certain debut novel this coming Friday at the bookshop. Rachelle Atalla's 'The Pharmacist' is a masterfully eerie, cinematic piece of feminist fiction - as thrilling as it is moving and insightful. Its arrival brings a thoroughly fresh voice to Scottish fiction that we can't wait to follow in years to come.

To be there from the start, book your tickets to the launch and read more about The Pharmacist HERE

Of course, there's a reason we get so chuffed about a piece of feminist speculative fiction. Through the years, we've acquired quite the list of shop-favourites in this vein. Be it by following the ramifications of present oppression, or by daring to imagine just, thriving futures beyond patriarchy, writers that explore days to come through an intersectional, truly feminist lens have repeatedly offered us so much joy, learning and food for thought.

As we gear up for the arrival of a new fave, these are some of the gems that came before - ready to be re-read or discovered for the first time.

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