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Anti-racist books at the Radical Book Fair 2021


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There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives - Audre Lorde

This year's Radical Book Fair will be held at the Roxy, 11-14 th November!

The theme is 'Futures Worth Figting For'. By this we mean futures fit for everyone's wellbeing, in which justice doesn't work in silos but seeps through every aspect of our lives.

The books featured in this year's fair very much embody this resistance to single categories. You'll find several books in more than one, even two, of these lists (to be published in the coming days) as they move across our program of panels, workshops and talks. They are by nature and by need intersectional, because there is no other way to build real movements, to create real change.

To begin, here's a selection of books which are actively anti-racist, among many other things. You'll find them all at the fair and can grab tickets for the events HERE.

Events that celebrate or center Black history, migrant activism, storytelling & knowledge by marginalised communities include:

Thursday 11th. 5.30pm. Futures worth Fighting for with Hassan Akkad, Jen Deerinwater & Eve Livingston

Friday 12th. 5.30pm. Launch of Blood & Gold with Mara Menzies

Sat 13th. 1.30pm. Beyond borders with Leah Cowan & Siobhan McGuirk

Sat 13th. 6pm. Keynote with Aja Barber, unpacking Consumed.

Sunday 14th. 6pm Feminist Futures with Akwugo Emejulu and Roxani Krystalli

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