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The Chicago based radical nonprofit Haymarket is a publisher that really wears its politics and its mission loud and proud and we love the, for it.

Their bold books aim to actively contribute to struggles for social and economic justice.

In their own words: "We take inspiration and courage from our namesakes, the Haymarket Martyrs, who gave their lives fighting for a better world. Their 1886 struggle for the eight-hour day – which gave us May Day, the international workers’ holiday – reminds workers around the world that ordinary people can organize and struggle for their own liberation. These struggles continue today across the globe—struggles against oppression, exploitation, poverty, and war.'

Since their founding in 2001, Haymarket has published more than 500 titles. Their writers include household names - Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Rebecca Solnit, Angela Davis, Howard Zinn - as well as emerging political thinkers and collectives.

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