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Fiction and Poetry at the Radical Book Fair 2021


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There's no radical imagination without unrestricted, moving and bold storytelling - narratives which conjure what isn't yet, but could be. And so there's a key role for fiction, as well as poetry, and the books about both, at the Radical Book Fair - for those texts that inhabit a reader beyond fact and argument, on the level of emotion and lyrical connection.

This year's fair features a range of fiction and poetry titles which all live uncomfortably, and wonderfully, between genres and allocated identities.

On Friday at 5.30 pm, we welcome the brilliant storyteller Mara Menzies, author of Blood & Gold for an evening of myth, magic and history. Katie Goh, author of The End: Surviving the World Through Fictional Disasters, makes an appearance as part of Inklings, the same evening at 7.30 pm.

Saturday kicks off with a cross-genre writing workshop on crisis and climate justice, hosted by Wasafiri magazine and Jessica Gaitan Johannesson. Later the same morning we have our tremendously exciting panel on 'Climate Collapse and Imaginary Worlds' with Harry Josephine Giles and Mark Bould, about how climate change - and our resistance to it - can be expressed in stories.The same evening we invite you all to a celebration of mixed and messy identities with Shameless, a performance with Anamot Press.

In fact, the entire fair closes on a lyrical note with a screening of Not Quite Right for Us, featuring poetry by Helen Mort, Jamie Thrasivoulou and others.

Below you'll find all these books and a few others we're more than likely to take with us from West Nicholson street!

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