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Climate and Environmental Justice at the Radical Book Fair 2021


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None of the books at this year's Radical Book Fair are just one thing, or tackle any one isolated struggle. That's what makes them so relevant and useful for sparking radical imagination.

Neither is the struggle for climate justice a one-front struggle; it needs to encompass every part of our lives and the systems they rely upon.

In this list you'll find all the books about climate and environment featured in this year's fair, alongside a whole host of essential texts you're likely to find on the tables at the Roxy between 11th and 14th of Nov.

On the opening night, make sure not to miss Josephine Becker from Yikes Podcast chatting to founder of Crushing ColonialismJen Deerinwater, as part of out first event: 'Futures Worth Fighting For'.

Right after that, Jen will be talking to Andreas Malm, author of the urgently needed and thought-provoking How To Blow Up a Pipeline , Straight out of COP26, they'll be discussingactivism at this moment in time.

Saturday begins at 10.30 with the chance to explore what it means to write from a world in climate colapse, beyond immediate crisis and dystopia, in a workshop hosted by Wasafiri, and facilitated by their Writer-in-Residence Jessica Gaitán Johannesson, author of How We Are Translated.

After that, hopefully inspired and with your brain alight, you can jump right into 'Climate Collapse and Imaginary Worlds' with Harry Josephine Giles and Mark Bould talking about how climate writing is much more than writing about climate, and involves gender, work and language.

Our conversation about 'Organising for a Planet on Fire' continues on Saturday afternoon with a second part, featuring Asad Rehman from War on Want and the COP26 Coalition alongside Nish Doshi and Zoe M Bouharissa.

Kicking off the Saturday evening, Aja Barber introduces us to the brilliant, boundary-breaking Consumed, about climate change, colonialism and consumerism.

As Andreas Malm said in our recent Read Think Act interview, 'all these movements and struggles need to be articulated through the struggle against the climate crisis'. Because without a future, there is no future worth fighting for.

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