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Queer Books at the Radical Book Fair 2021


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In our second list with highlights from this year's Radical Book Fair program, we're zooming in on all those books celebrating queer identities.

Be it through imaginative fiction, illuminating poetry or insightful analysis (or all of the above at once!), these books bring queer liberation and identity to the 'Futures Worth Fighting For' which make up the theme of the fair.

On Friday 12th Nov, we're delighted to host the launch of a new range of cards and bookmarks with cartoonist Kate Charlesworth and Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive.

Saturday's Climate Collapse and Imaginary Worlds features the magnificent Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Josephine Giles, and the evening brings performances in celebration of mixed and messy identities in Shameless with Anamot Press.

On Sunday Callie Rose Petal and Lisa Fannen in conversation about joy, and finding radical approaches to care & wellbeing.

The whole fair ends on Sunday with a screening of 'Not Quite Right for Us', based on the book by the same name.

For more queer books and authors at the fair, both in events and on fair tables, have a browse below!

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